Thank you! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in ReadOut 2021! Though the event is now over, the connections we made will endure. Make sure to visit the ReadOut Discord to continue the conversations started during the festival. And join us again next year for ReadOut 2022! Onward!


The LGBTQ Resource Center of the Gulfport Library in Gulfport, Florida presents ReadOut 2021: A Festival of Lesbian Literature, held virtually through Zoom on February 26-28, 2021. This free festival will feature leading lesbian authors and is open to an international audience.

Over 80 Lesbian Authors!
ReadOut 2021 will be a unique hybrid of live-streamed interactive PODS, prerecorded readings in strings of PEARLS, and PLAYTIME entertainment between sessions. Entertainment will be provided by lesbian musicians, spoken word artists, and comics. The festival will demonstrate how Lesbian Voices Persist and Prevail in these transformative times.

Well-known lesbian authors including Sally Bellerose, Elana Dykewomon, Sheree Greer, Sue Katz, Rose Norman, J.M. Redmann, Liz Edman, Carolyn Gage, Susan Stinson, and Tenea D. Johnson are slated to present 90-minute live-streamed PODS (aka panels) on themes such as elder lesbian writings, Black women writers, mystery, fiction, and the intersection of friendship and careers as lesbian authors.

Register Today - Space is Limited!

Over 600 people have already registered for ReadOut 2021! To register for this free, inclusive festival, visit:

Who Will Be At ReadOut 2021?

The following authors and artists will be participating in ReadOut 2021. To find out when, check the Schedule.


Susan Stinson

Sally Bellerose

Ellen Levy

Tenea D. Johnson

J.M. Redmann

Rose Norman

Sue Katz

Carolyn Gage

Elana Dykewomon

Sheree Greer

Liz Edman

Elena Graf

Cheryl Head 

Corky Culver

Barbara Esrig 

Debra Gish

Gail Reeder

Merril Mushroom

B. Leaf Cronewrite

Rand Hall

Jocelyn Watson

Jane Fleishman

Barbara Ruth

Canyon Sam

Penny Micklebury

Achy Obejas

Adrien Julious-Butler

Andrea Assaf

Chelsea Catherine

Silk-Jazmyne Hindus

Katherine V. Forrest

Jessie Chandler

Carsen Taite


RJ Samuel

Sandra Gail Lambert

Bonnie Morris

S.W. Andersen

Erin Zak

Mercedes Lewis

Ellen Hoil

Carren Strock

Sue Katz

Terry Baum

Renee Bess

Giovanna Capone

Thea Iberall

Kai Lorde

Lynn Ames

Janet Aalfs

Robin Hopkins

Jaimie Kelton

Betty Jean Steinshouer

Karen F. Williams

Lynn C. Miller

Kelly Wacker

Meredith Doench

Elle E. Ire

Toni Logan

Nancy Manahan

Becky Thacker

Helen Renee Brawner

Dusty Miller

S.T. Simper

Carolyn Elizabeth

Anne Laughlin

E.F. Schraeder

Jess Wilburn

Kimberly Dark

Jeanine DrJazz Normand

Sara Yager

Rita Potter

Karelia Stetz-Waters

D'lisa DarLuz

Winn Gilmore

Edie Daly

Sallyanne Monti

Sonja Franeta

Anna Burke

Kathleen Culver

Becky Bohan

Luci Dreamer

Lila Bruce

Riley Scott

Carol Anne Douglas

Jaycie Morrison

MB Caschetta

JB Marsden

Lois McGuiness


Tret Fure

Nia & Ness

Jeanine DrJazz Normand

Margie Adam, Chris Williamson, Meg Christian, & Holly Near

Kristen Ford

Melanie DeMore

Sharon Katz and the Peace Train

Hardened and Tempered

Barbara Ester and Beth York

Fay Jacobs

Brittany Baldwin

Copyright 2021 LGBTQ Resource Center

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